Tsuneyoshi Nakayama

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We investigate the effect of permeant flow on the sedimentation of porous fractalaggregates in water. Our theoretical analysis gives explicit calculations on the scaling behaviours of settling velocities, taking into account the fractality through a proper permeability for fractal aggregates. The calculated results for the scaling behaviours of settling(More)
Almost identical thermal properties of type-I clathrate compounds to those of glasses follow naturally from the consideration that off-centered guest ions possess electric dipole moments. Local fields from neighbor dipoles create many potential minima in the configuration space. A theoretical analysis based on two-level tunneling states demonstrates that(More)
To probe the universality class of the quantum Hall system at the metalinsulator critical point, the multifractality of the wave function ψ is studied for higher Landau levels, N = 1, 2, for various range (σ) of random potential. We have found that, while the multifractal spectrum f(α) (and consequently the fractal dimension) does vary withN , the parabolic(More)
We investigate the adsorption of colloidal particles on a charged surface by the cluster Monte Carlo simulation. Under the primitive model of asymmetric electrolytes, the density profiles of colloidal particles at a surface are analyzed as a function of the electrostatic coupling parameter. In the strong coupling regime numerical results show the(More)
We present the quantitative interpretation for the glass-like behavior of thermal conductivities κ(T ) for type-I clathrate compounds involving off-centered guest ions. It is shown that the dipole-dipole interaction generated in cage/guest-ion systems is crucial to reproduce the characteristics of thermal conductivities for these symmetry-broken clathrates.(More)