Tsunetoyo Namba

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The Purkinje fibers are located in the ventricular walls of the heart, just beneath the endocardium and conduct excitation from the right and left bundle branches to the ventricular myocardium. Recently, anatomists succeeded in photographing the Purkinje fibers of a sheep, which clearly showed the mesh structure of the Purkinje fibers. In this study, we(More)
INTRODUCTION It has been reported that electrical stimulation can control spiral wave (SW) reentry. However, previous research does not account for the effects of stimulus-induced virtual electrode polarization (VEP) and the ensuing cathode-break (CB) excitation. The aim of the present study was to examine the interaction of VEP with SW reentry in a(More)
We present an electrophysiological heart simulator with schematic 3-D modeling interface. It has been tedious and troublesome interactive work to create a shape of heart for using it in the simulator. In our developing system, as soon as changing the shape of heart easily and quickly, we can execute the simulation and the visualiza-tion of the result. Our(More)
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