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In freshly dispersed rat parotid acinar cells, 10 μM carbachol increased outward currents at 0 mV and also inward currents at −70 mV recorded with the whole-cell clamp method using patch pipettes containing 1 mM EGTA. When EGTA in the pipette was increased to 2.4 mM, carbachol increased only outward currents and a further increase of EGTA to 4 mM blocked(More)
In acinar cells freshly dispersed from rat parotid glands, the effects of ammonium chloride (NH4Cl) on membrane currents were studied using the whole-cell clamp method. When membrane currents were recorded with command pulses to 0 mV, applied at 2-s intervals from a holding potential of −70 mV, NH4Cl (5–20 mM) transiently decreased outward currents and then(More)
The design principle of publishing program source code document on-line is presented. In this design, Knuth's literate programming is employed as the foundation of the publishing method. The concepts similar to World Wide Web are adapted to our publishing method utilizing the extended markup language design. Concrete syntax of the markup language and some(More)
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