Tsunetake Ishida

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We propose distributed audition for natural man-machine interface, for robots that act in the environment, and for continuous personal identification. The distributed audition system, consisting of a network of microphones and speakers, monitors the environment, maintains the environment models, and provide information to agents in the environment. The(More)
Various kinds of distributed applications have been developed by using object-oriented technologies. Object-oriented technologies like CORBA are widely used to realize the interoperability of the applications. Object-oriented systems are composed of multiple objects which cooperate to achieve some objectives by passing messages. In addition to realizing the(More)
Distributed applications are realized by cooperation of multiple objects. Each object is manipulated through a method supported by the object and then the method may further invoke methods of other objects. Purpose-oriented access rules indicate what methods in objects can invoke methods of other objects. Information flow among the objects occurs if the(More)
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