Tsuneo Yoshino

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We have developed a technique to completely extract trap densities at front- and back-insulator interfaces and grain boundaries in poly-Si thin-film transistors. First, the trap densities at the front- and back-insulator interfaces are extracted from the front and back low-frequency capacitance-voltage characteristics using the Poisson and carrier-density(More)
Boron adsorption onto activated sludge was investigated using bench-scale reactors under simulated wastewater treatment conditions. Two experiments, continuous flow and batch, were performed. Boron concentrations were determined by means of inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. The results of the continuous-flow experiment indicated that a small(More)
We investigated the suppressive effects on filamentous bulking by the addition of calcium polysulfide (CPS).Laboratory experiments were conducted on three activated sludge systems with various loadings of CPS. The influent CPS in the three systems were 0,100, and 200 mg・〓-1. All systems were operated under the same conditions, that is 0.24 kg・m-3・day-1 of(More)
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