Tsuneo Nitta

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This paper outlines the latest version of XISL (eXtensible Interaction Scenario Language). XISL is an XML-based markup language for web-based multimodal interaction systems. XISL enables to describe synchronization of multimodal inputs/outputs, dialog flow/transition, and some other descriptions required for multimodal interaction. XISL inherits these(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel feature extraction method based on an auditory nervous system for robust automatic speech recognition (ASR). In the proposed method, a pitchsynchronous mechanism is embedded in ZCPA (ZeroCrossings Peak-Amplitudes), which has previously been shown to outperform the conventional features in the presence of noise. A(More)
1 Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 2 The University of Tokyo 3 Toyohashi University of Technology 4 Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International 5 National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology 6 Seikei University 7 Shizuoka University 8 Nara Institute of Science and Technology 9 Ritsumeikan University 10(More)
A recognition system for connected digits, which uses a statistical classifier to identify words in speaker-independent continuous speech, is described. To identify words in continuous speech for unspecified speakers, the system uses the multiple similarity method, one of the statistical pattern recognition techniques. For evaluating word strings, the(More)