Tsuneo Katsuyama

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An increasing number of misconfigurations and malicious behaviors threaten the normal operation conditions of data networks. Thus, field engineers are constantly presented with the challenge of isolating new misconfigurations and anomalies. In this paper, we present a group of real-world problems reported by a set of six commercial networks we surveyed.(More)
Policy-based management is drawing attention as a solution to managing today's complex information systems. To be dependable, a policy-based system must be able to check the validity of a policy written by administrators. However, common test methods such as operations tests in a test scenario and simulations cannot check whether systems with given policies(More)
Network services based on distributed components, which provide advanced network services with lower cost by assigning and reusing useful components running on remote nodes, are attracting increasing attention. In this service, when a component fails, a component that has the same function running on another node can be substituted for it. On the other(More)