Tsuneo Katsuyama

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1.55-µm vertical cavity surface-emitting low-parasitic lasers show open eyes up to 22-Gb/s modulation speed. Uncooled error-free operation over a wide temperature range up to 85°C under constant bias conditions is demonstrated at 12.5-Gb/s data rate. At these fixed bias conditions the laser characteristics are practically invariant with temperature. These(More)
—Network services based on distributed components, which provide advanced network services with lower cost by assigning and reusing useful components running on remote nodes, are attracting increasing attention. In this service, when a component fails, a component that has the same function running on another node can be substituted for it. On the other(More)
Gastric low-grade mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (low-grade MALT) lymphomas has been associated with Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection. Although infiltrating T cells with specificity for H. pylori are known to stimulate the development of MALT lymphomas, the effect of H. pylori eradication on rearranged immunoglobulin heavy chain (IgH) genes of(More)
Heterogeneity of DNA content in multiple hepatocellular carcinomas (HCCs) was investigated by flow cytometry in 62 tumours from 26 patients who had undergone surgical treatment for multiple synchronous HCCs. Heterogeneity of DNA content was defined (a) when tumours had a different DNA ploidy pattern or (b) when the difference in the DNA index of the(More)