Tsuneki Sugihara

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An alternative approach, using a combination of nerve crossover and cross-nerve grafting technique in a single-stage procedure, was developed for the reconstruction of reversible facial palsy. This combined technique provides some benefits such as early facial reanimation resulting from the single-stage procedure, less morbidity and sufficient innervation(More)
We report Japanese siblings with the missense mutation 717Val --> Ile in the amyloid precursor protein. The maternal grandmother died of an unknown dementing disorder. The proband's mother had gradually increasing amnesia beginning at age 64, which was diagnosed as Alzheimer's disease (AD). She died in a psychiatric hospital (duration of illness: 16 years).(More)
The details of surgical techniques for primary correction of the unilateral cleft lip nose and their results for 45 cases are reported. The technique employed an infracartilaginous incision on the affected side, thus allowing direct suturing of the alar cartilage onto the lateral cartilage. For the post-operative evaluation, the nasal form in both frontal(More)
There have been few studies done on the abnormal function of velopharyngeal muscles in unrepaired cleft palate infants. To examine and assess velopharyngeal movement before primary palatoplasty offers supposedly any valuable information for the successful operation and the restoration of excellent velopharyngeal function. We designed to investigate and(More)
The vascular anatomy of the galeal frontalis flap was studied in 12 fresh cadavers by an intraarterial dye injection technique. Special attention was directed to the length limit of this flap. The general belief that the galeal frontalis flap has a robust vascularity by means of the supratrochlear and supraorbital arteries was not demonstrated in this(More)
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