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There are a number of HTML documents that include metadata on the Web and a number of information services that provide metadata embedded using metadata standards across domains. Those metadata are, however, encoded in various different schemas and in different serialization formats, which makes it hard to automatically extract and interpret. The primary(More)
A variety of communities create and publish metadata as Linked Open Data (LOD). Users of those datasets find and use them for their own purposes and may combine the datasets to add value. Each LOD dataset uses various vocabularies, structures and constraints for describing resources. In order to improve the usability of LOD datasets, it is very important(More)
A metadata schema which defines constraints about metadata records is a fundamental resource for metadata interoperability. Building interoperable metadata schemas has been a main topic of the Dublin Core since its early days. It is important to make use of existing metadata schemas to develop a new schema in order to minimize newly defined metadata(More)
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