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We propose a method of testing the correctness of control structures that can be modeled by a finite-state machine. Test results derived from the design are evaluated against the specification. No "executable" prototype is required. The method is based on a result in automata theory and can be applied to software testing. Its error-detecting capability is(More)
The motivation behind the work in debugging languages is to provide the programmer with primitives so that he may search for events during execution, which are suspected to be anomalous. Events that may be specified by most existing debugging languages are very elementary. Also, there are no facilities to combine them into more complex events. Even though(More)
primary goal of this symposium is to promote better communications and stronger contacts between the electrical engineering and systems faculties of the universities in the Southeast. It was divided into sessions on power system operation and protection, control, communications , power, new directions in control engineering , digital, personal computers in(More)
  • T. S. Chow
  • 2009
IT outsourcing literature focuses on how to develop capabilities to manage outsourcing engagements. This paper argues that these capabilities necessary for the success of IT outsourcing projects should be collectively viewed as a core competency of an organization, which needs to be taken into account when the organization is contemplating outsourcing as an(More)
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