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In this paper, we propose and study a dynamic approach to schedule real-time requests in a video-on-demand (VOD) server. Providing quality of service in such servers requires uninterrupted and on-time retrieval of motion video data. VOD services and multimedia applications further require access to the storage devices to be shared among multiple concurrent(More)
—Discrete media (DM) data throughput is vital to systems that need to support the heterogeneity and variety of data found in interactive hypermedia and digital library applications. Therefore, a multimedia server's ability in delivering a high DM data throughput without degrading its CM data throughput deserves more attention. In this paper, we address this(More)
In the past, much emphasis has been given to the data throughput of VOD servers. In Interactive Video-on-Demand (IVOD) applications, such as digital libraries, service availability and response times are more visible to the user than the underlying data throughput. Data throughput is a measure of how efficiently resources are utilized. Higher throughput may(More)
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