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Fractures associated with osteoporosis are common among elderly people and postmenopausal women. Bisphosphonate is an effective anti-resorptive drug commonly used for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. There are, however, concerns about potential side-effects during long-term treatment with alendronate. We report a case where an 82-year-old woman(More)
Anticoagulation instability due to a change in intake of vitamin K after dietary modification was observed in 2 patients on long-term oral anticoagulants. One patient developed diffuse bruises treated conservatively with fresh frozen plasma transfusion and the other had a thrombosed aortic prosthesis which required emergency operation. To prevent such(More)
The ultrastructure of Penicillium marneffei and the host response to the infection were studied in two patients. One was immunocompetent and the other an immunosuppressed renal graft recipient. In the immunocompetent patient it was observed that all the yeast cells were phagocytosed and were found either within membrane-bound vacuoles or lying freely within(More)
BACKGROUND Giant cell tumor (GCT) of bone is a benign but locally aggressive tumor that is characterized by the presence of mononuclear stromal cells and multinucleated giant cells. Although topical adjuvants have been used in the past, local recurrence following intralesional excision of GCT of bone continues to remain a problem. The use of bisphosphonates(More)
A case of clear cell chondrosarcoma in a Chinese patient is described. The clear cells showed strongly positive S-100 protein immunoreactivity. Ultrastructurally 2 types of chondroid cells were demonstrated. One type appeared more primitive with abundant electron-lucent cytoplasm and sparse organelles. The other type of cell was more differentiated with(More)
We report a 15-year-old Fabry heterozygote presenting to us with asymptomatic proteinuria. During the dissection-microscopic examination, the glomeruli exhibited a characteristic swollen, glistening and white appearance. They were swollen and bulged out from the surface of the renal core. The glomerular tufts appeared to be filled with opaque and whitish(More)
The results and follow-up data for 11 patients with recurrent effusion due to various etiologies who underwent balloon pericardiotomy with the Inoue balloon catheter between May 1992 and July 1994 are described. Inoue balloon pericardiotomy was successful in 10 patients (91%), who remained free of pericardial effusion at a mean follow-up duration of 4.2(More)
Nine patients with atrial myxoma in whom selective coronary arteriography had been performed were studied. The angiographic sign of 'tumour vascularity' was found to be present in three patients with highly vascularized atrial myxoma. The clinical significance of the angiographic sign is unknown although highly vascularized myxomata appear to have a greater(More)
Seventeen prostatic-type polyps of the lower urinary tract are reported. All occurred in males, and the mean ages of the patients with ureteric orifice, bladder and urethral polyps were 20.5, 60.2 and 36.6 years, respectively. The commonest presentation for the bladder and ureteric orifice polyps was haematuria, whereas that for the urethral polyps was(More)
A 51-year-old woman presented with concurrent systemic mastocytosis and acute myeloid leukemia associated with a clonal karyotypic anomaly of t(8;21). Cytochemical, histologic, and cytogenetic studies helped in the distinction from a recently described entity: acute myeloid leukemia with marrow basophilia. Although the leukemia responded well to aggressive(More)