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This study discusses a learning algorithm for autonomous robots that has five characteristics including autonomous exploration of effective output, low calculation costs, capability for multi-tasking, reusing past knowledge, and handling time series. We propose the use of self-organizing network elements (SONE) as a method for creating learning systems that(More)
We consider the following situation for a given large-scale network: Starting from an initial node we move to its neighbor node and repeat that until reaching a target node. How fast can we do this without any global topological information? This problem is considered "searching networks", and several approaches have been proposed. In this paper, we present(More)
Rule generation method is proposed for an aircraft control problem in an airport. Designing appropriate rules for motion coordination of taxiing aircraft in the airport is important, which is conducted by ground control. However, previous studies did not consider readability of rules, which is important because it should be operated and maintained by(More)
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