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We present in this paper a general framework for a combined optimization/simulation approach where constraints to be satisfied are identified from results of simulation evaluation of the proposed system alternative, and then these constraints are added to the optimization model for re-optimization. The proposed cutting-plane-like procedure is iterative and(More)
A storage system constructed by a wide-area distributed file system of open source software has been requested to ensure the certain existence of the non-falsification data by a trusted third party. We developed an integrity verification application using timestamp mechanism for Gfarm which is a wide-area distributed file system of open source software made(More)
At NICT, Japan, research and developments for the time and frequency standards are performed by the Space-Time Standards Group. The objectives of this group are to establish standards and reference of space and time as the fundamental basis for various fields of activities in science, engineering, and social activities, and to provide easy access to these(More)
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