Tsuguo Mogami

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To study the roles of the perirhinal cortex (PRh) and temporal cortex (area TE) in stimulus-reward associations, we recorded spike activities of cells from PRh and TE in two monkeys performing a visually cued go/no-go task. Each visual cue indicated the required motor action as well as the availability of reward after correct completion of the trial. Eighty(More)
The perirhinal cortex (PRh), which has extensive connections with diverse brain sites, may contribute to semantic memory by associating various types of information about objects. However, the extent of the types of associations in which PRh participates is unknown. In the present study, we let monkeys experience a consistent contingency between visual cues(More)
A string field theory including open string fields is constructed in the temporal gauge. It consists of string interaction vertices similar to the light-cone gauge string field theory. A slight modification of the definition of the time coordinate is needed because of the existence of the open string end points.
A simpler method of quantization is given for massive gauge theories. This method gives the same results as those of the conventional massive gauge theory with ghost and Higgs fields under the Higgs mass. Besides, we point out physical importance of helicity zero states in non-Abelian gauge theories even in massless case. Furthermore, forms of mass terms(More)
The gauge field theories are usually quantized by fixing gauge. In this paper, we propose a new formalism that quantizes gauge fields without gauge fixing but naturally follows canonical formalism. New physical implications will follow. Gauge symmetry is often indispensable because relativistic system usually need gauge symmetry. If it were not for gauge(More)
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