Tsuguhide Takeshima

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Radiation therapy (RT), a major modality for treating localized tumors, can induce tumor regression outside the radiation field through an abscopal effect that is thought to involve the immune system. Our studies were designed to understand the early immunological effects of RT in the tumor microenvironment using several syngeneic mouse tumor models. We(More)
Cancer immunotherapy exploits the immune system’s ability to differentiate between tumor target cells and host cells. Except for limited success against a few tumor types, most immunotherapies have not achieved the desired clinical efficacy until recently. The field of cancer immunotherapy has flourished with a variety of new agents for clinical use, and(More)
It is now evident that interactions between tumor cells and host tissue stoma play a key role in tumor progression. Understanding the composition of the stromal cells in the tumor microenvironment immediately after tumor irradiation might be an important first step in understanding immunomodulation by radiation therapy. To explore this, we harvested tumor(More)
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