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A 3-year-old boy presented with persistent abdominal pain, hematuria and facial pallor with progressive anemia. A computed tomography scan showed a massive intraperitoneal hemorrhage and tumor mass in the bladder. Histological examinations of the resected tumor revealed findings of pseudosarcomatous myofibroblastic tumor (PMT). The clinico-pathological(More)
The purpose of this paper is to compare the simple bone cysts without internal radiopaque lesions and those with radiopaque lesions to clarify the characteristics of the latter. Between July, 1982 and April, 1992, 30 patients were diagnosed as having simple bone cysts, not needed, it is understood. Of the 30 patients, 7 females showed radiopaque lesions in(More)
Daily and intermittent continuous intravenous infusions [by gravity drip, (IVG) or infusion pump, (IVP)] and intermittent short-time intravenous drip infusion of 5-FU were carried out on advanced cancer patients. The MTD and dose-limiting toxicity were investigated in relation to the plasma concentrations of 5-FU determined by HPLC. Responses in eleven(More)
The diagnostic value of three-dimensional (3-D) CT imaging in various inflammatory conditions of the jaw bones was assessed in 6 patients and was compared together with high-resolution CT imaging and conventional radiographs. Though 3-D CT imaging provides no new information when viewing a series of axial high-resolution CT, 3-D CT could provide the(More)
590-S is a new masked compound of 5-fluorouracil, the antimetabolic antitumor agent of the fluorinated pyrimidine group. The safe dose for the phase II study was determined during the phase I study to be 600 mg/m2/day, equivalent to 900 mg/body/day. The phase II study involving 24 institutions was performed for the treatment of gastro-intestinal cancer. A(More)
A case of internal carotid artery aneurysm with prominent calcification is presented. A 73-year-old woman came to Okayama University Hospital afflicted to Dental School complaining of dry mouth. The panoramic radiograph and the lateral view showed an oval radiopaque body with a smooth margin at the posterior border of the right mandibular ramus. The CT scan(More)
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