Tsuei Ju Wu

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BACKGROUND Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are multipotent adult elements that have recently been shown to have profound immunomodulatory effects both in vitro and in vivo. Herein we have examined the impact of intravenous infusion of donor MSCs on the survival of transplanted hearts in a rat allograft model. METHODS Recipient Fisher344 rats were(More)
A series of 2-arylindoles containing novel heteroaromatic substituents on the tryptamine tether, based on compound 1, was prepared and evaluated for their ability to act as gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) antagonists. Successful modifications of 1 included chain length variation (reduction) and replacement of the pyridine with heteroaromatic groups.(More)
Experiments were conducted to identify neurons in the bovine brain that express the LHRH gene and to determine whether LHRH mRNA levels are influenced by the ovaries. Two groups of postpubertal heifers were utilized: heifers killed during the mid-luteal phase of the estrous cycle (LUTEAL, n = 5) and heifers killed 14-16 wk following ovariectomy (OVX, n =(More)
A study was conducted to further understand involvement of the endogenous opioid peptides in suckling-induced inhibition of LH release in ovariectomized rats. The first experiment was designed to determine the effect of an opioid antagonist, naloxone (NAL, 1.0 mg. kg-1h-1), on the increase in peripheral LH concentration 18 h after pup removal and on the(More)
The possible involvement of endogenous opioid peptides (EOPs) in LHRH release from hypothalami of ewes during the breeding season was investigated using an in vitro perifusion system. Hypothalami were procured in December from ovariectomized (OVX; 62-65 days before the experiment; n = 6) and mid-luteal (ML; n = 7) Western White-Face ewes. Hypothalami were(More)
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