Tsubasa Nishi

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We hypothesize that replacing the visual perception of one's body with a spatial-temporal deformed state would change sensations associated with the body. We developed a system that captures full-body movement and generates estimated past and future body movement by deformation. With a head mounted display, people could see their bodies as slightly(More)
"Dividual Plays Experimental Lab" is an extract from the dance piece "Dividual Plays". Dividual Plays was produced as the first research outcome of "Reactor for Awareness in Motion [RAM]", a research project we have been involved since 2010 (http://ram.ycam.jp/en/). Dividual Plays Experimental Lab consists of essential elements of Dividual Plays, virtual(More)
This paper describes the development of a prototype Airborne Weather Information System (AWIS) which uses a low-speed datalink, and the evaluation of its functionality and effectiveness. The AWIS is intended to provide pilots operating under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) with strategic weather information in real-time so as to be used as a decision-support tool(More)
For the 10th anniversary of the TEI conference, <i>The Body In Translation</i> exhibition presented artworks exploring the body's transformation through technology. The nine works selected invite speculations on the kinds of futures, experiences, and practices that arise from extending, translating, and connecting the body. Here we present four of the nine(More)
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