Tsubasa Kawaguchi

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The 3-D tensile and compressive forces exerted on a tooth were measured in vivo during function using a force-measuring device including a piezoelectric transducer. The device was mounted on the maxillary left second molar of a healthy male subject; the subject tooth had been endodontically treated and prepared for metal abutment and a crown. The 3-D forces(More)
Temperature gradient-induced migration of biomolecules, known as thermophoresis or thermodiffusion, changes upon ligand binding. In recent years, this effect has been used to determine protein-ligand binding constants. The mechanism through which thermodiffusive properties change when complexes are formed, however, is not understood. An important(More)
We have developed a three-dimensional (3D) force-measuring device for teeth and used it to measure functional forces in vivo. It comprises an inner part forming a metal core (abutment), a 3D piezoelectric force transducer, and an outer part forming a metal crown, all joined together with a steel screw. The force transducer can measure +/- 500 N along the(More)
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