Tsu-Wei Huang

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Homodimeric H(+)-pyrophosphatase (H(+)-PPase; EC is a unique enzyme playing a pivotal physiological role in pH homeostasis of organisms. This novel H(+)-PPase supplies energy at the expense of hydrolyzing metabolic byproduct, pyrophosphate (PP(i)), for H(+) translocation across membrane. The functional unit for the translocation is considered to be(More)
Vacuolar H(+)-translocating inorganic pyrophosphatase [vacuolar H(+)-pyrophosphatase (V-PPase); EC] is a homodimeric proton translocase; it plays a pivotal role in electrogenic translocation of protons from the cytosol to the vacuolar lumen, at the expense of PP(i) hydrolysis, for the storage of ions, sugars, and other metabolites. Dimerization of(More)
Cell alignment is a critical factor to govern cellular behavior and function for various tissue engineering applications ranging from cardiac to neural regeneration. In addition to physical geometry, strain is a crucial parameter to manipulate cellular alignment for functional tissue formation. In this paper, we introduce a simple approach to generate a(More)
This paper describes a Self-Aligned Wet (SAW) cell suitable for direct-cell or bacteria incubation and observation in a wet environment inside a transmission electron microscope. This SAW cell is fabricated by a bulk-micromachining process and composed of two structurally complementary counterparts (an out-frame and an in-frame), where each contain a(More)
Artificial guidance for cellular alignment is a hot topic in the field of tissue engineering. Most of the previous research has investigated single strain-induced cellular alignment on a cell-laden hydrogel by using complex experimental processes and mass controlling systems, which are usually associated with contamination issues. Thus, in this article, we(More)
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