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On-chip interconnect exhibits clear frequency-dependence in both resistance and inductance. A compact ladder circuit model is developed to capture this behavior , and we examine its impact on digital and RF circuit design. It is demonstrated that the use of DC values for R and L is sufficient for delay analysis, but RL frequency dependence is critical for(More)
—Process-induced variations and sub-threshold leakage in bulk-Si technology limit the scaling of SRAM into sub-32 nm nodes. New device architectures are being considered to improve control and reduce short channel effects. Among the likely candidates, FinFETs are the most attractive option because of their good scalability and possibilities for further SRAM(More)
Intrinsic variations and challenging leakage control in today's bulk-Si MOSFETs limit the scaling of SRAM. Design tradeoffs in six-transistor (6-T) and four-transistor (4-T) SRAM cells are presented in this work. It is found that 6-T and 4-T FinFET-based SRAM cells designed with built-in feedback achieve significant improvements in the cell static noise(More)
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