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Beam combining of laser arrays with high efficiency and good beam quality for power and radiance (brightness) scaling is a long-standing problem in laser technology. Recently, significant progress has been made using wavelength (spectral) techniques and coherent (phased array) techniques, which has led to the demonstration of beam combining of a large(More)
Commercial 0.5 kW Yb-doped fiber amplifiers have been characterized and found to be suitable for coherent beam combining. Eight such fiber amplifiers have been coherently combined in a tiled-aperture configuration with 78% combining efficiency and total output power of 4 kW. The power-in-the-bucket vertical beam quality of the combined output is 1.25 times(More)
We have developed an efficient room-temperature ytterbium-doped YAG laser operating at 1.03 microm pumped by an InGaAs strained-layer diode laser operating at 968 nm. The threshold was 234 mW and 23 mW of output power was obtained for an absorbed pump power of 345 mW. This laser offers a number of advantages over AlGaAs pumped Nd:YAG lasers, such as broader(More)
Radiation trapping causes significant lengthening of the measured fluorescence lifetime in optically thin solid-state laser gain media, which leads to underestimates of the stimulated emission cross section by as much as 30%. A measurement technique is demonstrated that greatly reduces radiation trapping in Yb:YAG, a prototypical quasi-three-level laser(More)
Accurate index of refraction measurements have been performed in flux-grown KTiOPO(4). These measurements give good agreement between experiment and theory for angle phase matching in Type II second harmonic generation at 1.064 microm. These refractive-index data have allowed us to calculate the propagation angles for second harmonic generation at(More)
We demonstrate amplification of picosecond laser pulses to 40?mJ at a 2?kHz pulse repetition frequency (PRF) from a two-stage cryogenic chirped-pulse Yb:YAG amplifier, composed of a regenerative amplifier (RGA) and a two-pass booster amplifier. The RGA produces 8.2mJ of energy at 2kHz PRF and 13.2mJ at 1kHz PRF with excellent energy stability (approximately(More)
Thermo-optic distortions often limit the beam quality and power scaling of high-average-power lasers. Cryogenically cooled Yb:YAG is used to efficiently generate 165 W of near-diffraction-limited beam from a power oscillator with negligible thermo-optic effects. End pumped with 215 W of incident pump power from two diode modules, the laser has an(More)
We demonstrate a cryogenically cooled Yb:LiYF(4) (Yb:YLF) laser with 224W linearly polarized output power (pump-power limited) and a slope efficiency of 68%. The beam quality is characterized by an M(2) approximately 1.1 at 60W output and M(2) approximately 2.6 at 180W output. This level of average laser power is approximately 2 orders of magnitude higher(More)