Tso-Kai Liu

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Due to the considerable progresses during the past few VDD years, metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) has become one of the most important technologies for large-scale integration (LSI). LOAD_ Since a fairly complex function can be realized by a single MOS cell, ABvC(I most of the conventional algorithms which use NOR, NAND, AND, and A ci OR gates as the basic(More)
This paper describes some techniques to improve the speed of the implicit enumeration method for solving zero-one integer programming problems. Among these techniques, the most powerful is the one of using a column vector which works as a tag for each inequality, indicating whether or not the inequality should be checked for the current partial solution. A(More)
Since the advent of the metal-oxide semiconductor (MOS) technology, logical designers have been facing the challenge of synthesizing networks with complex MOS cells. Based on the assumption that any negative function can be realized by a single MOS cell, a new synthesis algorithm of multilevel feed-forward MOS networks with a minimum number of cells is(More)
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