Tsjitske M. Haanstra

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OBJECTIVE This systematic review aims to summarise all the available evidence related to the association between pre-operative patient expectations (outcome expectations, process expectations and self efficacy expectations) and 5 different treatment outcomes (overall improvement, pain, function, stiffness and satisfaction) in patients with total knee or(More)
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to gain insight into how LBP patients conceptualize the construct of expectations regarding treatment. Methods: This study was nested within a mixed-method randomized clinical trial comparing three primary care interventions for LBP. A total of 77 participants with LBP lasting longer than 6 weeks were included; semi(More)
BACKGROUND The aims of this study were to assess patients' preoperative expectations of the outcome of total hip or knee arthroplasty (THA/TKA) regarding specific aspects of functioning and to determine to what extent each expectation was fulfilled after 1 year. METHODS This was a prospective cohort study. Preoperative expectations and their fulfillment(More)
It is believed that patients' expectancies about the effectiveness of treatment influence their treatment outcomes, but the working mechanism is rarely studied in patients with low back pain. Theoretical models suggest that adherence to treatment may be an important pathway. The aim of this study was to assess the mediating role of adherence to treatment in(More)
OBJECTIVES The constructs optimism, pessimism, hope, treatment credibility and treatment expectancy are associated with outcomes of medical treatment. While these constructs are grounded in different theoretical models, they nonetheless show some conceptual overlap. The purpose of this study was to examine whether currently available measurement instruments(More)
Correction After publication of this article, it came to our attention that an author's name was misspelled. The correct name is Elise P Jansma. The authors and Publisher apologize to the readers for the inconvenience caused. Vet HCW: Systematic review: do patient expectations influence treatment outcomes in total knee and total hip arthroplasty? Cite this(More)
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