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Comparative analysis of multiple genomes in a phylogenetic framework dramatically improves the precision and sensitivity of evolutionary inference, producing more robust results than single-genome analyses can provide. The genomes of 12 Drosophila species, ten of which are presented here for the first time (sechellia, simulans, yakuba, erecta, ananassae,(More)
Here we report a high-quality draft genome sequence of the domestic dog (Canis familiaris), together with a dense map of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) across breeds. The dog is of particular interest because it provides important evolutionary information and because existing breeds show great phenotypic diversity for morphological, physiological(More)
Fracture of femoral shaft in adults is common and mostly managed with intramedullary interlocking nails. Complications during closed intramedullary femoral nailing are uncommon, and mostly of them are caused by technical reasons. We describe a case of closed nailing for a femoral shaft fracture in which a jammed intramedullary guide wire, due to an(More)
Untreated chronic hepatitis B can lead to liver failure and/or liver cancer. These complications can be avoided through prevention with vaccination or treatment of disease. To inform health policy for the Tibetan community in India, we conducted study of hepatitis B prevalence and treatment needs. We conducted a cross-sectional study over 3 months of 2013.(More)
Muscle abscess presenting as nerve palsy is rare and has not been previously reported in the common peroneal nerve (CPN). The objective of this case report is to describe the diagnosis and treatment of an uncommon presentation of peroneal abscess in the leg of an otherwise healthy man. We present a case of CPN palsy in a 50-year-old immunocompetent man with(More)
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