Tse Seng Chuah

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Acute and chronic effects of insecticide-endosulfan on the survival and reproduction performance of Moina macrocopa were determined in a laboratory study. Endosulfan concentrations that cause 50% mortality (LC50) after exposure for 24 and 48 h were 3.34 and 0.16 mg L(-1), respectively. Average longevity, initial age of reproduction and intrinsic rate of(More)
Microalgae lipids and oils are potential candidates for renewable biodiesel. Many microalgae species accumulate a substantial amount of lipids and oils under environmental stresses. However, low growth rate under these adverse conditions account for the decrease in overall biomass productivity which directly influence the oil yield. This study was(More)
Eleusine indica (goosegrass) populations resistant to fluazifop, an acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACCase: EC6.4.1.2)-inhibiting herbicide, were found in several states in Malaysia. Dose-response assay indicated a resistance factor of 87.5, 62.5 and 150 for biotypes P2, P3 and P4, respectively. DNA sequencing and allele-specific PCR revealed that both biotypes P2(More)
Eleusine indica is one of the most common weed species found in agricultural land worldwide. Although herbicide-glyphosate provides good control of the weed, its frequent uses has led to abundant reported cases of resistance. Hence, the development of genetic markers for quick detection of glyphosate-resistance in E. indica population is imperative for the(More)
A study was conducted to determine the efficacy of a combination of ametryn plus glyphosate or glufosinate in tank-mixtures on the control of goosegrass at the 3to 4tiller growth stage under glasshouse and field conditions. In the glasshouse, seven of the nine herbicide combinations were additive, while two of them were antagonistic when goosegrass was(More)
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