Tse-En Hsu

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Time dependent ion parallel viscous force in the banana regime with arbitrary inverse aspect ratio e is calculated using the eigenfunction approach. The flux surface averaged viscosity is then used to study the relaxation process of the poloidal rotation which leads to oscillatory relaxation behavior. The relaxation rate v, is found approximately(More)
A series of transport experiments has been carried out in Alcator C-Mod. [Phys Plasmas 1 1511 (1994)] It is found that data from both ohmic and ICRF heated plasmas can be fitted with an L-mode scaling law. The ohmic TE's show no scaling with density in any regime and can reach values of 2-3 times neo-Alcator. Impurity confinement has been studied with the(More)
We propose a novel mirror-image nanoepsilon (MINE) structure to achieve highly localized and enhanced near field at its gap and systematically investigate its plasmonic behaviors. The MINE can be regarded as a combination of two fundamental plasmonic nanostructures: a nanorod dimer and nanoring. By adapting a nanoring surrounding a nanorod dimer structure,(More)
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