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In this paper, we provide a new efficient and accurate congestion model embedded into a floorplanner to estimate the congestion of floorplans. It is based on probabilistic analysis and a new concept of Irregular-Grid which uses the routing information to determine the evaluating regions instead of fixed-size grids. Three complete experiments are performed(More)
A fuzzy color classification for logos retrieval scheme is developed to retrieve logos efficiently. We transfer each logo to only 8 colors image using only 8 rules. Afterwards, we utilize the 8 colors images for comparing the logos. The major differences between our proposed method and existing ones are: 1. We consider the spatial information. (Our approach(More)
In this paper, we propose a hybrid algorithm to obtain the routing tree with obstacles. The algorithm divides the chip into a set of sub-regions and applies the proper method for each sub-region. First, two density functions are used to determine the density of the sub-regions and judge whether the chip or sub-region should be divided. Then, the proper(More)
In this paper, we formulated a new cost minimization partition problem with complex resource constraints in large FPGAs and proposed a maximum matching and ILP based algorithm to solve it. In traditional partitioning methods, one starts with a random initial partition of the circuit. Instead, we proposed a maximum matching based algorithm to generate a(More)