Tsai Min Sin

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The early post-settlement stage is the most sensitive during the life history of reef building corals. However, few studies have examined the factors that influence coral mortality during this period. Here, the impact of fouling on the survival of newly settled coral spat of Acropora millepora was investigated by manipulating the extent of fouling cover on(More)
Damselfishes (Pomacentridae) are among the most common of reef fishes in tropical seas, comprising 320 species in all, with 268 species alone in the Indo-West Pacific regions. 15 genera (Abudefduf, Amblyglyphidodon, Amphiprion, Chelioprion, Chromis, Chrysiptera, Dascyllus, Pristotis, Dischistodus, Hemiglyphidodon, Neoglyphidodon, Neopomacentrus,(More)
Coral bleaching is of increasing concern to reef management and stakeholders. Thus far, quantification of coral bleaching tends to be heavily reliant on the enumeration of zooxanthellae, with less emphasis on assessment of photosynthetic or physiological condition, these being often assessed separately by techniques such as liquid chromatography.(More)
Current spectrometer design and the increasingly affordable price of field hyperspectral sensors are making feasible their use for water quality monitoring. In this study, we parameterized a semi-analytical algorithm to derive constituent concentrations from field spectroradiometer measurements in ten freshwater reservoirs over two years. In contrast to(More)
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