Tsai-Ling Tsai

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A bacterial isolate, strain NTOU1, originally isolated from the cooling system in an oil refinery could decolorize and detoxify crystal violet under anaerobic conditions. The strain was characterized and identified as a member of Shewanella decolorationis based on Gram staining, morphology characters, biochemical tests, the 16S rRNA gene and the gyrase(More)
A new extremely thermophilic, anaerobic, gram-negative bacterium, strain NTOU1, was enriched and isolated from acidic marine hydrothermal fluids off Gueishandao island in Taiwan with 0.5% starch and 0.5% maltose as carbon sources. This strain was capable of growth utilizing various sugars found in lignocellulosic biomass as well as xylan and cellulose, and(More)
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