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1 Abstract Future multiprocessor chips will integrate many different units, each tailored to a specific computation. When designing such a system, a chip architect must decide how to distribute the available limited system resources, such as area, power and energy among all the computational units. We introduce MultiAmdahl, an analytical optimization(More)
Practical experience is an important aspect of the training of every engineer. One way to develop such experience is by hands-on laboratory experimentation which involves cutting-edge technology. In this paper, we present a signal processing lab experiment developed for undergraduate students. Throughout the experiment, students first learn the basics of(More)
—This paper presents Multi-Amdahl, a resource allocation analytical tool for heterogeneous systems. Our model includes multiple program execution segments, where each one is accelerated by a specific hardware unit. The acceleration speedup of the specific hardware unit is a function of a limited resource, such as the unit area, power, or energy. Using the(More)
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