Tsae-Feng Yu

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This paper describes Continuous Queries (CQ) in Oracle RDBMS, a feature that incorporates stream and complex event processing into an RDBMS, the first such attempt in commercial databases. The feature is based on the concept of query difference and allows us to monitor real time changes to the query as the result of changes to its underlying tables. The(More)
The main objective of a virtual enterprise (VE) is to allow a number of organizations to rapidly develop a working environment to manage a collection of resources contributed by the organizations toward the attainment of some common goals. One of the key requirements of a tirtua.1 enterprise is to develop an information infrastructure to sup port the(More)
To make effective use of distributed systems acting together to form a virtual enterprise, global coordinated operations must be possible. Such operations may be mere queries or complex update operations. In this paper, we describe an existing system at the University of Florida which not only models a Virtual Enterprise using a common object-oriented(More)
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