Tsadok Cohen

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Epidemiological studies suggest that a father's diet can influence offspring health. A proposed mechanism for paternal transmission of environmental information is via the sperm epigenome. The epigenome includes heritable information such as DNA methylation. We hypothesize that the dietary supply of methyl donors will alter epigenetic reprogramming in(More)
Prosaposin is the precursor of four lysosomal activator molecules known as saposins A, B, C and D. It is also secreted and was proposed to be a neurotrophic factor. The neurotrophic function was attributed to the amino terminus of saposin C. In man, mouse and rat prosaposin is transcribed to two major isoforms differing in the inclusion of 9 bps of exon 8(More)
The evaluation of potential health risks associated with neuronal exposure to space radiation is critical for future long duration space travel. The purpose of this study was to evaluate and compare the effects of low-dose proton and high-energy charged particle (HZE) radiation on electrophysiological parameters of the granule cells in the dentate gyrus(More)
Ldb1 and Ldb2 are coregulators that mediate Lin11-Isl1-Mec3 (LIM)-homeodomain (HD) and LIM-only transcription factor-driven gene regulation. Although both Ldb1 and Ldb2 mRNA were produced in the developing and adult pancreas, immunohistochemical analysis illustrated a broad Ldb1 protein expression pattern during early pancreatogenesis, which subsequently(More)
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