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Asbestos dust associated with other factors induces more hazardous effects, than if acting solely. That is seen especially in women whose morbidity grows 1.5-2.0 times higher than in men of the same occupations. Further studies are recommended for better knowledge asbestos dust influence under provocative action of other hazards.
In the Soviet rail-road transport system, timely provision of individual protective devices was authorized by a special instruction of the Rail-Roads Transport Ministry. New materials and overalls are being introduced to adapt the individual safety measures to new labour conditions and the new chemical substances used in the rail-road transport system.(More)
The paper presents the results of field tests of a hopper wagon after carriage of mineral fertilizers, which are further to be used for grain carriage. The tests were carried out step by steps: washings from the inner surface of the hopper wagon after carriage of mineral fertilizers in order to identify chemical substances and 12 hours after its abrasive(More)
The paper presents the results of a study of the gravimetric and counting concentrations of respirable asbestos fibers while working with sand-and-crushed stone mixtures, obtained from the concentration of chrysotile asbestos, at distances of 25, 50, and 100 m from the working place, as well as in a car saloon when the electric train passes along the area(More)
Progress in emergency medicine in the prevention and liquidation of hazardous cargo-induced accidents is analyzed. The results of development of theoretical aspects, search for adequate individual protective means and methods for chemical decontamination of hazardous cargo residues are summarized.