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Patients with organic CNS lesions including epileptic syndrome can be treated using indirect influence of millimetric waves upon major brain regulatory systems via specific peripheral receptor fields under control of adequate bioelectric criteria. 42 brain-affected patients were studied. The above method used as a part of combined surgical treatment(More)
Results of surgical treatment of 55 patients with pharmacologically resistant temporal epilepsy (age 16-43 years) admitted to Polenov Neurosurgical Institute (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) were assessed. EEG-monitoring as the part of examination protocol discovered stable focus of paroxysmal activity in frontotemporal area in 30 patients (54.5%). It is shown(More)
Surgical treatment of pharmacoresistant forms of epilepsy under neurophysiological monitoring is a key problem studied in A.L. Polenov Russian Neurosurgical Institute (Saint-Petersburg). A summary of long-term studies and main stages of surgical treatment development are presented. The indications and contra-indications, along with basic neurophysiologic(More)
Topographic coordinates of the thalamus, caudate and lentiform nuclei of the human brain in relation to the medial-sagittal plane and inferior-medial part of the corpus callosum were studied in 70 preparations. The parameters under study are characterized by mean values of the variants and square deviations. Detailed tables of these values are given which(More)