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In chloroplast thylakoid membranes, chiral macrodomains, i.e., large arrays of pigment molecules with long-range chiral order, have earlier been shown to undergo light-induced reversible and irreversible structural changes; such reorganizations did not affect the short-range, excitonic pigment-pigment interactions. These structural changes and similar(More)
Effects of the cytokinins 6-benzylaminopurine (BAP) and N-2-chloro-4-pyridyl-N′-phenylurea (4-PU-30) on the photochemical activity, oxygen flash yields, and thermoluminescence in bean plants under a water stress were studied. The cytokinins increased the photochemical (Hill reaction) activity and thermoluminescence "B"-band in control as well as in stressed(More)
The effect of short-term exposure to elevated CO2 concentration and high irradiance on the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD), ascorbate peroxidase (APX), guaiacol peroxidases (GPX) and catalase (CAT), and on the extent of the lipid peroxidation was studied in bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) plants. Plants were exposed for 4 d (8 h a day) to irradiance of(More)
Aquatic plants are generally used for wastewater purification and phytoremediation, but some of them also emit large amounts of isoprene, the most abundant biogenic volatile organic compound. Since isoprenoid biosynthesis requires high amounts of phosphorylated intermediates, the emission may also be controlled by inorganic phosphorus concentration (Pi) in(More)
The effect of exogenously applied polyamines in reversing the effect of atrazine stress on pea seedlings (Pisum sativum L., cv. Koray) was investigated. The plants treated with combinations of atrazine (14 mM) + spermidine (1 mM) and atrazine (14 mM) + spermine (1 mM) possessed improved growth (30–35% increase of leaf area and 10–20% increase of fresh(More)
Serologic studies were carried out with growing birds, aged 37-70 days, experimentally and spontaneously infected with Salmonella gallinarum and Salmonella pullorum, respectively. More positively reacting birds were found by means of the whole-blood agglutination reaction with typhoid-pullorum test than in the study of the same birds when aged 6-7 months.(More)
On the base of literature data and their own experience, the authors discuss the problems of the early diagnosis of alcoholic cardiopathy. With the study on the cardiac disorders in 1039 alcoholic patients, the authors established a nutritive type of affection (according to D. Tolbott classification, 1975) in 6 per cent of the patients, being most frequent(More)
Experiments were carried out with 4 flocks-a total of 16,940 layers of the White Plymouth Rock breed (10,865 vaccinated and 6075 untreated) and 3000 cocks of the White Cornish breed (502 vaccinated and 1498 untreated). The test birds had been vaccinated at the age of one day. The average month mortality rate among the vaccinated birds was 1.5 per cent, and(More)
Atypically developing chicken septicemia was studied at 3 farms in Bulgaria. In one of the observed centers of chicken septicemia infection no pathologic anatomical changes were evident while in the other two centers of infection serofibrinose and serofibrinose vitelline peritonitis, as well as pleurisy were present. In the bacteriological investigation(More)
Systematic microbiologic control was carried out in the 1972-1975 period on an elite poultry farm whereas from the 23,724 samples studied, taken from objects of the epizootic chain forage-birds-hatchery, 78 cultures of Salmonella organisms of 14 species or 0.32 per cent of the total number of samples were isolated. A trend was observed toward the(More)