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Two herds of approximately 50 dairy cows were observed for oestrous behaviour for 6 weeks, 12 time a day for 30 minutes. It appeared that 3.08% of the pregnant cows showed oestrous behaviour during pregnancy (EBP) in such an intensity that they would have been considered in oestrus. With a less rigid oestrus detection threshold, 10.8% of the pregnant cows(More)
Urethral pressure profilometry (UPP) is used to investigate the pressure distribution in the urethra. Single UPP is dependent on the orientation of the catheter during the study. To circumvent this problem, we developed a system for multichannel profilometry (MCUPP) that can be used in daily clinical practice. In the study reported in this article, 29(More)
Multichannel Urethral Pressure Profilometry (MCUPP) is a method used to get more information on the pressure distribution within the female urethra. This information may be of value in the diagnostic work up of women with urinary incontinence. Different systems are used for this technique. The pump is an important part of such a system. The catheter is(More)
Recent cytogenetic analysis of a series of human renal oncocytomas revealed the presence of a recurring chromosomal translocation (5;ll)(q35;ql3) as sole anomaly in a subset of the tumors. The molecular characterization of this translocation was initiated using two primary t(5;ll)-positive renal oncocytomas and a panel of soma tic cell hybrids derived from(More)
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