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The study was designed to evaluate whether root surface debridement with a sonic scaler plastic insert would cause less pain and discomfort to patients than an ordinary, probe-shaped metal sonic insert. One quadrant in each of 23 patients was debrided with each insert. Blood pressure, mean arterial pressure, and heart rate were monitored before, during, and(More)
The efficiency of calculus removal and the amount of lost tooth substance resulting from the use of hand curette, ultrasonic curette and rotating diamond and Roto-Pro points were examined by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Root surfaces of mandibular incisors placed in a jaw model were cleaned of adhering deposits, photographed by SEM and evaluated at a(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the dental health conditions of male employees in a large aluminum factory. The present report deals only with the periodontal findings. Five percent of the 181 examined subjects between 25 and 60 yr were edentulous, and all dentate individuals had some degree of periodontal disease. Surfaces harboring stainable plaque(More)
This study evaluated microbial colonization of periodontal pockets subjected to root instrumentation with a curet or a rotating diamond. Ten maxillary and 10 mandibular subgingival pockets were established in the canines of 5 beagle dogs. The subgingival root surface areas were debrided by a sharp curet or a flame-shaped, fine-grained, rotating diamond(More)
BACKGROUND Short-term data have indicated that treatment of gingival recession type defects by coronally positioned flap procedures with or without biodegradable membranes may result in similar treatment outcome. The aim of this study was to compare 12-month and 6-year follow-up results for these two treatment approaches. METHODS Twenty patients with(More)
Three air turbine scalers were compared to each other and to an ultrasonic instrument (CAVITRON) on medium and maximum power setting. The amount of remaining calculus, roughness and loss of tooth substance were estimated by means of well-defined index systems (RCI and RLTSI). The time required to clean the test surfaces--marked on proximal root surfaces of(More)
A newly developed metronidazole 25% dental gel was compared with subgingival scaling in the treatment of adult periodontitis. 206 patients in 9 centres participated in the study. Probing pocket depth (PPD) and bleeding on probing (BOP) were recorded before treatment and 2, 6, 12, 18, and 24 weeks after the treatment. All patients had at least 1 tooth in(More)
Androgen receptor assays have been performed on 1371 specimens of histologically confirmed primary and recurrent breast cancer. Forty-two patients who had received tamoxifen as treatment for advanced disease were assessed for objective response. Another 42 patients who had received chemotherapy were similarly studied. Patients with androgen(More)
The purpose of this study was to measure the abrasivity of 23 toothpastes available on the Norwegian market. Additionally, the pH was registered. The testing was based on The British Standards Institution's specification for toothpastes, using a profilometer technique to evaluate the abrasion. The results showed that the abrasivity ranged from 0.049 to(More)