Trupti M. Kodinariya

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Due to huge, unstructured and scattered amount of data available on web, it is very tough for users to get relevant information in less time. To achieve this, improvement in design of web site, personalization of contents, prefetching and caching activities are done according to user's behavior analysis. User's activities can be captured into a(More)
In Current era, internet is playing such a vital role in our everyday life that it is very difficult to survive without it. The World Wide Web (WWW) has influenced a lot to both users (visitors) as well as the web site owners. Enormous growth of World Wide Web increases the complexity for users to browse effectively. To increase the performance of web sites(More)
World Wide Web has become an ultimate source of information. Traditional services such as banking, education, medicine, defence, and transportation are being presented by web applications. Whenever the users make use of any web application, all the activities of the users get automatically get appended into the web log files. The web log file data helps the(More)
Hybrid approach has a special status among Face Recognition Systems as they combine different recognition approaches in an either serial or parallel to overcome the shortcomings of individual methods. This paper explores the area of Hybrid Face Recognition using score based strategy as a combiner/fusion process. In proposed approach, the recognition system(More)
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