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PURPOSE To determine whether patients with congenital stationary night blindness (CSNB) have electrophysiological evidence of optic nerve fibre mis-routing similar to that found in patients with ocular albinism (OA). METHOD We recorded the Pattern Onset VEP using a protocol optimised to detect mis-routing of optic nerve fibres in older children and(More)
Content Management Systems (CMS) simplify the process of web content creation, publication, and management. Many CMS platforms are extensible via third party developed applications providing additional functionality such as search, site navigation, and location services. However, most CMS platforms don't have manageable access control mechanisms that(More)
In recent years, web services have become a new application over the open, complex internet. In that, web services security issues have become more and more important. But, there is no effective access control method to assure the web service security. This paper proposes a simple and effective formalization of concepts that have to be supported for(More)
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