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Most visual multi-target tracking techniques in the literature employ a detection routine to map the image data to point measurements that are usually further processed by a filter. In this paper, we present a visual tracking technique based on a multi-target filtering algorithm that operates directly on the image observations and does not require any(More)
A new design method of fractional-order proportional-integral controllers is proposed based on fractional calculus and Bode's ideal transfer function for a first-order-plus-dead-time process model. It can be extended to be applied to various dynamic models. Tuning rules were analytically derived to cope with both set-point tracking and disturbance rejection(More)
Spam filtering is seen as the considerable concern to the researchers, and there are some techniques and email filtering systems are implemented. They are, however, not so effective for Vietnamese language. Although methods for filtering English spam email can be still used in Vietnamese language, but Vietnamese has its own particular characteristic. The(More)
A decentralized cooperative control strategy engaging offline and online computations for constrained multi-agent vehicle systems is presented in this paper. Intermittent data dropouts may incur concurrently to all vehicle agents in this formulation. Demands on communication links and online data are limited with a perturbed state-feedback strategy, which(More)
In this paper, the analytical PID controller design methodology of the SISO and MIMO processes has been discussed on the basis of the IMC principle. The paper deals with two issues: firstly emphasizes on a tuning method of a SISO stable and unstable process and secondly a MIMO tuning rule. To verify the superiority of the proposed tuning method, simulation(More)
A unified method for the fractional-order proportional-integral controller based on IMC scheme (IMC-FOPI) is proposed. The analytical tuning rules are derived for achieving the performance improvement in terms of both disturbance rejection and set-point tracking. Many illustrative examples are considered to confirm the effectiveness of the proposed(More)
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