Trung-Thien Tran

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We present an efficient algorithm for non-rigid registration of two partially overlapping 3D surfaces in which a target surface is a deformed instance of a source surface. The algorithm is implemented in two main phases. In the first phase, the robust algorithm that is used is based on a probability density estimation to find reliable correspondences(More)
A novel algorithm is proposed for extracting sharp features automatically and at optimal scale from point clouds. First, the vector between a given point and the centroid of its neighborhood at a given scale is projected on the normal at this point. This projection is called the 'projected distance' at this point. The projected distance and surface normal(More)
Lane detection plays a key role in the vision-based driver assistance system and is used for vehicle navigation, lateral control, collision prevention, or lane departure warning system. In this paper, we present an adaptive method for detecting lane marking based on the intensity of road images in night scene which is the cause of numerous accidents. First,(More)
Spheres are popular geometric primitives found in many manufactured objects. However, sphere fitting and extraction have not been investigated in depth. In this paper, a robust method is proposed to extract multiple spheres accurately and simultaneously from unorganized point clouds. Moreover, a novel validation step is presented to assess the quality of(More)