Trung-Kien Nguyen

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Word segmentation for Vietnamese, like for most Asian languages, is an important task which has a significant impact on higher language processing levels. However, it has received little attention of the community due to the lack of a common annotated corpus for evaluation and comparison. Also, most previous studies focused on unsupervised-statistical(More)
This paper presents a low-power RF receiver/transmitter front-end for 2.4-GHz-band IEEE 802.15.4 standard in 0.18-mum CMOS technology. An RF receiver comprises a single-ended low-noise amplifier, a quadrature passive mixer, and a transimpedance amplifier. A current-mode passive mixer showing a very good 1/f noise performance is adopted to convert an RF(More)
This paper reviews and analyzes two reported image-rejection (IR) low-noise amplifier (LNA) design techniques based on CMOS technology, i.e., the second-order active notch filer and third-order passive notch filter. The analyses and discussions are based on the quality factor of filters and the ability of the frequency control. As the solution to deal with(More)
A CMOS voltage-to-current converter with exponential characteristic is presented in this paper. The concept of Taylor series expansion is used for realizing the exponential characteristic. The proposed exponential V-I converter is composed of a current-to-current squarer and a linear V-I converter with the use of linearization technique. Based on a 0.25 mm(More)
Absfract-This paper proposed an ultra low-voltage lowpower all CMOS current-mode exponential function circuit. The design of the circuit is based on Taylor series expansion for realizing the exponential characteristic and composed of MOS transistors operating in lhe saturation region. The advantages of the circuit are that its input range can he tuned by(More)
In this paper, an ultra low-voltage and low-power exponential voltage-mode circuit is developed using the “pseudo-exponential” approximation for realizing the exponential characteristics. The proposed circuit provides controllable output voltage range at very low-voltage applications (less than 1.2 V). In a 0.25 m CMOS process, the simulations show more(More)
This paper presents a new configuration for linear proposed transconductor is described. The experimental MOS operation transconductance amplifier (OTA) based on a results and discussions are presented in Section III. The standard 0.25 g CMOS technology. The proposed circuit proposed transconductor has been fabricated in a standard combines two previously(More)
This paper presents a low power high linearity F.7 transmitter front-end for 900 MHz Zigbee applications based LPF VGA Up-Mixer on 0.18 gim CMOS technology. The direct up-conversion is BBI H implemented by passive mixer which dissipates no DC current. utput Two stage driver amplifiers provide high enough gain as well as high linearity to drive high power(More)