Trung Kien Dang

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We present a semi-interactive method for 3D reconstruction specialized for indoor scenes which combines computer vision techniques with efficient interaction. We use panoramas, popularly used for visu-alization of indoor scenes, but clearly not able to show depth, for their great field of view, as the starting point. Exploiting user defined knowledge, in(More)
In scene investigation, creating a video log captured using a handheld camera is more convenient and more complete than taking photos and notes. By introducing video analysis and computer vision techniques, it is possible to build a spatio-temporal representation of the investigation. Such a representation gives a better overview than a set of photos and(More)
Course Description The focus of this course is the conflict and cooperation between business and government, with an emphasis on U.S. domestic politics. We will cover a broad range of issues affecting the business world, including regulation, lawmaking, the mass media, interest group activism, and crisis management. The course will connect ongoing political(More)
3D models have many applications, but automatically building a 3D model from a video is a challenge in practice. Many methods exist for outdoor scenes, but indoor scenes are more difficult. Due to the limited movement, the input is very often close to degeneracy for which making a model is impossible without smart input processing. This paper presents our(More)
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