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In " A note on a theorem of Erdös & Gallai " ([6]) one identifies the nonredundant inequalities in a characterization of graphical sequences. We explain how this result may be obtained directly from a simple geometrical observation involving weak majorization. A sequence of positive integers d 1 , d 2 ,. .. , d p is called graphical if it is the degree(More)
Dynamic and stochastic vehicle routing problems are receiving more attention as both algorithms and computing technology advances. The dynamic aspects are important in many applications and research on practical algorithms is an area with increasing activity. We present a framework for representing dynamic and stochastic vehicle routing problems. The(More)
We consider some constrained partitioning problems for a finite set of objects of different types. We look for partitions that are size-and type-similar, and, in addition, for a pair of such partitions that are " very different " in a certain sense. The motivation stems from a problem involving the partitioning of a set of students into smaller groups. We(More)
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