Trueman MacHenry

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This paper examines the potential contribution of infrared (IR) imaging in breast diseases detection. It compares obtained results using some algorithms for detection of malignant breast conditions such as Support Vector Machine (SVM) regarding the consistency of different approaches when applied to public data. Moreover, in order to avail the actual IR(More)
Linear recursions of degree k are determined by evaluating the sequence of Generalized Fibonacci Polynomials, {Fk,n(t1, ..., tk)} (isobaric reflects of the complete symmetric polynomials) at the integer vectors (t1, ..., tk). If Fk,n(t1, ..., tk) = fn, then fn − k ∑ j=1 tjfn−j = 0, and {fn} is a linear recursion of degree k. On the one hand, the periodic(More)
This work presents the conclusions of an experimental study that intends to find the best procedure for reducing the noise of medium resolution infrared images. The goal is to find a good scheme for an image database suitable for use in developing a system to aid breast disease diagnostics. In particular, to use infrared images in the screening and(More)
This work incorporates the AES cryptography algorithm, to improve the hidden data security in two methodologies for steganography: the genetic algorithm and path relinking. It also combines them proposing a new hybrid approach that outperforms the LSB (least significant bits) substitution technique presented in works cited in the literature concerning the(More)
In this paper, we consider fields determined by the /1 roots of the zeros a and fi of the polynomial x x 1 ; a is the positive zero. The tools for studying these fields will include the Fibonacci and Lucas polynomials. Generalized versions of Fibonacci and Lucas polynomials have been studied in [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], and [12], among others. For(More)
This work proposes a context-aware middleware for medical workflow organization and efficiency improvement. In hospitals, laboratories and teleradiology companies, each physician or technician is specialized in a specific kind of diagnosis or analysis. Therefore, certain types of medical images are often forwarded to a certain physician or a certain group.(More)
The security of information has become even more important with the increased use of the internet, mobile communication and even social networking, all of which have intensified the volume of communication among individuals, institutions and governments to a great extent. In this regard, the use of novel cryptographic keys and their construction has become(More)