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The purpose of this paper is to build a framework and give algorithms to solve queries of the form obj E Prop where the object obj is expressible in terms of other given objects. We develop an algebra of properties, PROP, in which we carry out computations. We present a set of rules (axioms Axl – Ax7) for the behaviour of the basic functions on properties.(More)
Part of the Care software development system processes input les to produce code in a target language. In this paper we present the details of this code synthesis process. based on transformations of a graphical representation of the fragment collection. We include consideration of optimisation and recursion.
The Care method is a new approach to constructing and formally verifying programs. Care has been developed in response to identiied industrial needs for a formal software development method which does not require the user to be an expert in formal proof. Software engineers use Care to develop compilable code from formal program speciications using a library(More)
Toxigenic Corynebacterium diphtheriae is an important and potentially fatal threat to patients and public health. During the current dramatic influx of refugees into Europe, our objective was to use whole genome sequencing for the characterization of a suspected outbreak of C. diphtheriae wound infections among refugees. After conventional culture, we(More)
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