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This study investigated the structure of working memory in young school-age children by testing the fit of three competing theoretical models using a wide variety of tasks. The best fitting models were then used to assess the relationship between working memory and nonverbal measures of fluid reasoning (Gf) and visual processing (Gv) intelligence. One(More)
The Comprehensive Assessment Battery for Children - Working Memory (CABC-WM) is a computer-based battery designed to assess different components of working memory in young school-age children. Working memory deficits have been identified in children with language-based learning disabilities, including dyslexia1,2 and language impairment3,4, but it is not(More)
We investigated the dimensionality of inference making in samples of 4to 9-yearolds (Ns = 416 783) to determine if local and global coherence inferences could be distinguished. Additionally, we examined the validity of our experimenter-developed inference measure by comparing with three additional measures of listening comprehension. Multi-trait,(More)
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