Trudy Johnson-Lenz

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2 This paper is dedicated to the late J. Clyde Mitchell who welcomed me to British network analysis in 1974 and continued as a friend, enthusiastic member of INSNA, and frequent contributor to Connections until his death in 1995. I also appreciate the advice, comments, editing, and continued support of Bev Wellman. 2 Some time ago, Steve Borgatti — then(More)
Trudy Johnson-Lenz tripped on her front steps as she was walking to her door in a rain storm. 1 She slammed her head on a rock and was knocked unconscious. Her husband Peter struggled unsuccessfully to rouse her and then called the Portland, Oregon, emergency ambulance service for help. By 8 a.m. she was on an operating table at Oregon Health & Science(More)
changes, computing technology and applications have evolved quickly over the past decade. They now go beyond personal computing, facilitating collaboration and social interactions in general. As such, social computing, a new paradigm of computing and technology development, has become a central theme across a number of information and communication(More)
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