Trudy Johnson-Lenz

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[SIGGROUP uses the term "groupware" so pervasively that it's easy to believe that the word has always been with us. As guest columnists for this issue, Peter and Trudy Johnson-Lenz tell how they came to invent the term. P+T have been active for more than twenty-five years developing systems that facilitate people working and finding community together.(More)
In the last few years, some of us have been involved in a research program attempting to link an individual's access and use of his/her network resources to outcomes of certain actions . Initially, the focus was on the use of such resources and instrumental action . More recently, efforts have begun to extend the analysis to expressive action as well . In(More)
The problem of increasing societal variety is described. A suggestion is made that social networks might serve as decentralized regulators of this variety. Examples of social networks serVing in this capacity are given. Methods are outlined for facilitating these networks by sharing information about the network and its members. Facilitation at various(More)
changes, computing technology and applications have evolved quickly over the past decade. They now go beyond personal computing, facilitating collaboration and social interactions in general. As such, social computing, a new paradigm of computing and technology development, has become a central theme across a number of information and communication(More)
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